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Blaycock 5 days ago

Grilled Steak Tips

All the food here is great. Luv this place

Samantha 23 days ago

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

All of the food I've tried at the tap house AMAZING! I started my dinner off with the dip which is SO delicious and then I finished off dinner with the honey siracha wings which are to die for! The beer selection is the best I've seen!

Valeriebg2013 27 days ago

Burger and Fries

We have tried many of their burgers and love their burger specials. Our favorite was the French Onion! I would be remiss though to not mention the incredible poutine. The first time I had poutine was here, and I love it now. And who can forget their drink menu! I've had a couple of their specialty cocktails and they were delicious.

Kayfitzzzz 27 days ago

Green House Burger

The green house burger is DELICIOUS! I've had a lot of vegetarian burgers in my life and this one is hands down the best yet! So flavorful! The Tap House has the best bartenders, food, and service.

Mrsleg about 1 month ago

Salmon with mashed potato and broccoli

This dish is amazing! The salmon is cooked to perfection and melts in your mouth! Delicious potatoes and broccoli too.

Amyjnick31 about 1 month ago


Yummm, so good. Great flavor and perfect size to share. Definitely try this!

Briannaclayton624 about 2 months ago

Cabot Mac and Cheese

the Cabot Mac and Cheese at the Taphouse is to die for ! I order mac and cheese many places and this one is just unlike the others ! it's extra creamy and delicious, even wonderful as leftovers (if there are any).

Puckipete about 2 months ago

Cabot Mac and Cheese

I am rarely speechless...this time I am! The Cabot is absolutely off the wall,thank you NH. My daughter and son-in-law and my 2-year old G-daughter often dine there, many times w/me, your staff has always treated my little girl w/adoration and speaking to her and having her interact! Always a great experience... PS Whatever I didn't finish, my G-daughter Eliza did!!!

Brendan 2 months ago

Chicken Fingers and Fries

Tap House is one of my favorite spots in the state for their buffalo tenders. I get them just about every time that I go here. Other notable dishes would be their flatbread pizzas, any of their burgers, and the steak tips. I highly recommend this restaurant not only for their food, but the atmosphere, and very friendly staff.

Lucycanotas 2 months ago

Tip of the Iceberg Salad

Always love the wedge salad, but this was AMAZING!

Opolep 2 months ago

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

We eat Spinach and Artichoke dip from a lot of different places as it is our favorite appetizer and The Taphouse Grille has the BEST one. Servers are always happy to serve it with cucumber slices as well and it tastes amazing. Great food always.

Ian 2 months ago


Always fantastic, the onion rings as a garnish are a nice touch - upgrade your fries to Poutine Fries!!

Lizroz 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

Sauce on the wings was delicious, and the blue cheese had a great consistency and zing to it.

Cherylbouley 2 months ago

Skillet Nachos

I picked the nachos as that is my go to APP, however I have had the meatloaf, chicken wings, squeaky cheese, Rueben, fish tacos , French onion soup, and spinach artichoke dip to name a few. Food is fresh and delish! The service is outstanding and the beer menu is always a pleasant surprise!

Jordanadaigle 2 months ago

Midnight Special Burger

My boyfriend and I were recommended this burger by one of the servers and did not disappoint! One of the best burgers I've ever had! Started off with loaded pulled pork nachos- to die for! If you're looking for a place with great food, beer and service then you've found the right place!

Jmoller92 2 months ago

Green House Burger

This is always my go to veggie burger. The burger is super large and filling. Large selection of beer and the best onion rings around!

Matt 3 months ago


I always get the poutine when I go here (which is every week). the gravy with the cheese curds and truffles adds a phenomenal taste to a classic dish. The beers and the staff also have an added bonus too the tap house. Will keep coming back for years to come

Cynthia.Bianco 10 days ago

Burger and Fries

The burgers are absolutely amazing. My boyfriend and I literally searched for years to find a good burger in this area and the tap House more than delivered. Even the rolls are amazing!

Balzanoricard 23 days ago

Fried Haddock Tacos

Absolutely delicious! I always order the fish from tap house, it's hard to order anything else because it's always perfect!

Fantalio84 27 days ago

Jalapeno Poppers

These aren't just the normal breaded and fried Jalapeno Poppers! Great crunch when biting into the Jalapeno and amazing flavors. We get them every time we go!

Amanda.Adams about 1 month ago

Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar

I can't say enough about the Bloody Mary Bar! The add-on's and sauces are extensive, but what makes it extra special is the hand-shaken finish with a rim of your choice.

Lauren about 1 month ago

Pork Belly Tacos

My boyfriend and I stopped in for the first time for lunch when we were heading up north, and it definitely won't be our last time. My tacos were awesome, cooked and seasoned perfectly. The local beer selection was the best I've ever seen, and the service was excellent. I believe the man behind bar was Tyler? Very happy with our experience, and we will certainly be back for more, very often! Thanks for the great meal!

Jdbdcd24 about 1 month ago

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is my absolute favorite Buffalo Chicken dip! I get this everywhere I go and this is the best! Not to mention the great beer to wash it down with! Jesse

Puckipete about 2 months ago

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

I forgot to mention the local brews...WOW!!!

Scott about 2 months ago

Burger and Fries

This burger was a GOD among burgers. The best one I have had in a very long time. I've been deploying to many areas throughout the world and nothing comes close to this burger.

Coolcamaro 2 months ago

Chicken Fingers and Fries

We visited on May 23rd. 5:30. A Magic Hat representative was there giving out beer samples. Our server friend was Marissa. She was outstanding. Three men who were just drinking were also under her care. She also served a table for six next to us where the eight people seated there kept changing. They made it hard for her to keep up, because it was really a party of 15 people. She had other tables too. She is a superstar. The table of three men complained to the bartender that they had waited too long for another beer to be served to them. I know this, because I overheard the bartender lady berating Marissa for this occurrence. Completely unfair. Those three men were there hiding from their wives, and I am sure that they complain about their daughters and everything else in their miserable lives. We left Marissa a tip of over 20 percent. The manager of your fine tavern needs to share my words with Marissa. And mention to your bartender lady that some patrons are just plain old assholes. Yes, assholes. Co-workers should stand together. This is America. Andrew Bishop Enfield Connecticut

Dmerrick64 2 months ago

NEW Hip Peas Bowl

Nice blend of quinoa and greens. lightly dressed but filling with the chickpeas. Good alternative for a spring/summer dinner. went well with a Duvine from Magic hat.

Alyssagunton 2 months ago

Tap House Tater

Literally so amazing and gigantic. The pulled pork pairs perfectly with the queso! Seriously soooo good. But my personal favorite way to order is with broccoli & extra queso.

Kristiemetzler 2 months ago

Hummus and Veggies

It is so simple but it is one of my go-to plates! The pita that comes with the hummus and veggies is always perfect and adds to the dish with flavor and texture!

Cherylbouley 2 months ago

Fried Haddock Tacos

I picked the haddock as that is my go to , however I have had the meatloaf, chicken wings, squeaky cheese, Rueben, fish tacos , French onion soup, and spinach artichoke dip to name a few. Food is fresh and delish! The service is outstanding and the beer menu is always a pleasant surprise!

Dgiaquinta 2 months ago


Excellent, excellent Reubens! Combined with an ice cold beer was truly the best lunch I've ever had!

Chantelle.Cotnoir 2 months ago

Salmon with mashed potato and broccoli

Absolutely love the salmon. I come back once a week normally just to get it. So great!!!

Brianamarie10 3 months ago

Tap House

We have tried sooooo many items on the menu ... hard to pick just one. The one I was just going to pick - appears to have been taken off the menu though ... OHHHH NOOOOOOOO .... that is sad - hopefully it makes a come back, as it was a WONDERFUL addition that should've stayed! Since it's no longer listed .. I selected 'Tap House' as 'the item' since that is fairly nondescript ... but: It was Captain Eli's Short Ribs ... they were always delicious, and fell apart with just a fork - tender enough that you could technically have just used a spoon. If anyone actually sees this ... please bring these back ... Allan will be so disappointed that these were removed from the menu. Are likely heading there tonight, and I'm not going to tell him .. lol.

Aadamakos1098 3 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Best buffalo dip I've had! Get it every time!